Premiere Flirt

Limited Edition
Crystallized with Swarovski Elements

4 commenti:

  1. woooow!! I want a fringed bag and this is perfect!! but is very expensive...
    so you are italian, last summer y went to italy and this summer I will return, because it's very lovely! I love italy and I always wanted to learn Italian!! hahah
    Hugs! :)

  2. I know that is very expensive, but I couldn't mention...
    If you will come back to Italy you must visit Florence, you'll love it!!!
    I see you're Spanish, I went to Barcellona on December. I like Spain and next time i'll come to Spain I want to visit Madrid!!!

    If you want you can follow me on bloglovin! :)

    Buona serata!!!

  3. Mi piace troppo Lancel anche l'altra borsa quella a sacco con le nappine e la taschina e' il TOP !! La vorrei troppo in nero !!
    complimenti per il blog , bella selecta ! bei post :)

  4. Grazie mille per i commenti! sto lavorando per tirare fuori idee su idee...quindi passa di qua quando vuoi, ogni visita e soprattutto commento è sempre ben accetto! :)